Mix & Mastering


A Mix is usually a great compromise between a sound that sometimes does not work and another that is right.
Mixing means the art of mixing, equalizing, optimizing in volume, Timbre and spatiality (directivity and reverberation) sounds different from each other, generally from different instruments, previously recorded on support Multi track.


The quality of the mix makes the difference between a professional music production and an amateur.
The introduction of digital recording technology and the relative lowering of its costs allows the home studio and Project Studio today to achieve excellent results, but if you need a professional mixing then you can not at least make Our expertise.

Thanks to the acquired skills and the quality of the instrumentation, we guarantee a high quality in the post-production phase, since all the audio tracks recorded elsewhere will be re-processed through the analogue and digital outboard of the studio.

Our service solves the needs of many artists and producers, creating a high quality mix with all the instrumentation available in our recording studio.


1 Track: € 70,00
2 Tracks: € 50,00 (each)

Over 3 tracks price to be agreed


In the mastering audio phase, the maximum possible sound performance of the mixing in terms of volume, frequency content, dynamic range and stereophonic is achieved.
Our affiliate mastering studio has been conceived to give the best results to your products thanks to the use of the best equipment available in the market.

Mastering Audio has basically two purposes:
Amalgamate the songs on an album by deciding the playlist, the pauses between the tracks and uniformandone the volumes, the frequency response and the stereophonic image.
Optimize the sound performance of the tracks with respect to the media on which the album will be printed (CD, DVD, vinyl or other) so that the disc can play the best on any media being played.

In case of recordings made outside, it is essential to have well-mixed tracks because mastering is not able to totally distort the balance within a song. Once you have taken note of what must be corrected, we will work alongside the disc manufacturer who, having in mind the definitive sound of the album, supervise our choices to reach the final result.


1 Track: € 50,00
2 Track: € 40,00 (each)

Over 3 tracks price to be agreed